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Jem Luxury Condos For Sale Miami Worldcenter | Real Estate New Developments

A Naftali Group Development

JEM is a building beyond compare—an urban oasis within the city. Both beautiful and practical, it offers a dialogue between craftsmanship, expertise, and innovation.

Miki Naftali

Chairman and CEO | Naftali Group

Jem Private Residences In Miami

The Jewel of Miami

Once in a Generation

An architectural masterpiece, JEM Private Residences in Miami will transform the skyline while introducing an incomparable living experience. The building’s sophistication, integrity, level of service, and variety of curated spaces—from the private porte-cochère to the exclusive JEM Club—are unsurpassed. Its exclusive collection of residences, each meticulously designed, offers commanding vistas that exalt light and expansiveness. JEM’s address within Miami Worldcenter establishes the neighborhood as an international focal point worthy of its prodigious name.

Jem Private Residences

Ahead of the Curve

JEM stands as a remarkable architectural marvel. Crafted by the renowned Miami-based firm Arquitectonica, this majestic tower soars to a height of 700 feet above sea level. Drawing inspiration from the neighboring ocean landscape, its silhouette mirrors the wavelike rhythm, embodying the spirit of innovation that defines this vibrant city.

Within its walls, the interiors of JEM unfold as a masterpiece, envisioned by the creative masterminds of Naftali Group and the esteemed Rockwell Group. A world onto itself, the building houses the illustrious JEM Club—an exclusive private haven boasting an unparalleled array of city centric amenities. Ascending further, a series of luxurious residences starting on the 43rd floor, replete with sweeping wraparound terraces, seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, offering a truly opulent living experience.

A dedicated and fully serviced porte-cochère provides a seamless transition for both residents and guests, effortlessly guiding them from the dynamic energy of the city to the comfort of home. An iconic sculpture, abundant greenery, and graceful architectural curves combine to create an inviting atmosphere for arrivals and departures alike.

Fully serviced porte-cochère

Inspired by the essential vernacular of Miami’s architecture, JEM embodies the glamour of the past to artfully conjure the living of the future.

Bernardo Fort-Brescia, FAIA

Principal | Arquitectonica

JEM Entrance
JEM Lobby

Arriving at JEM feels akin to stepping into a chic jewel box. The interior boasts a double-height lobby and a refined aesthetic that captures the essence of an urban sanctuary nestled in the vibrant core of Miami.

JEM Condos


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