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Our design captures both the spirit of an ocean retreat and Miami's thriving art scenes. Natural materials, access to daylight, a serene palette, and soft forms convey JEM’s dedication to wellness and holistic health. Bold art moments create surprise discoveries. The overall feeling is warm and enlivening.

David Rockwell, FAIA

Founder & President | Rockwell Group

Infinity pool & private cabanas

Surrounding the infinity pool, private cabanas are perfect for lounging and enjoying a resort-style experience with friends and family.

JEM Sky Lounge

The Sky Lounge is a perfect connection to indoor and outdoor living; designed for relaxation, wellness, work, and more, the spacious lounge is fashioned with a custom stone wet bar, a cozy hearth with sculpted fireplace, and a signature plaster chandelier.

Serene Oasis

The sunken lounge is a lush and serene oasis—surrounded by reflective pools and breathtaking city views.

Elegant and innovative, a suite of wellness spaces encourages holistic health and unfettered relaxation. JEM’s cocoonlike sauna is fashioned from undulating wood, with a porthole that looks out onto the urban landscape below.

Jem’s sauna

Composed of rare pink Himalayan sea salt, the salt room is inspired by a tradition rooted in the healing and detoxifying effects of spending time in natural salt caves. Likewise, the steam room is a sleek, modern interpretation of an ancient practice harnessing heat and humidity for benefits such as stress reduction, improved circulation, and skin rejuvenation.

Salt RoomSpa room
Yoga Studio

A private training and yoga studio for meditation and movement.

Yoga and Meditation Deck

A landscaped yoga and meditation deck along with a cold plunge pool are among a vast and varied assortment of spaces dedicated to fitness and health.

Treatment Room

Private treatment room with a reclining chair for on-demand wellness and cosmetic services.


Jacuzzi zone with lounge seating and an outdoor tropical shower.

Fitness Club

The light-filled Fitness Club is appointed with state-of-the-art equipment fit for a tough workout or a revitalizing morning stretch.

Boxing ring

Featuring the best views in the city, the boxing ring promises to strengthen your body and invigorate your spirit.

Entertainment lounge

The entertainment lounge at JEM Club is perfect for parties or more intimate gatherings.


Game center
Coworking space

The perfect environment for productivity and peace of mind, the fully equipped coworking space includes collaborative meeting zones and individual work areas.

Jem Club’s signature dining room
JEM Bar Setup

Miami’s most exclusive place to entertain, JEM Club’s signature dining room offers indoor/outdoor experiences with the most exquisite surroundings. A chef’s kitchen and bar make it easy to host anything from a casual cocktail party to a formal dinner.

Jem’s private tasting room

JEM’s private tasting room is an invitation to deepen your knowledge of the world’s finest spirits. Rockwell Group’s custom-designed amber glass accents are inspired by the colors and shades of tequila.

Jem’s private room


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