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Miami Worldcenter New Luxury Condos For Sale | Apartments & Real Estate Developments Miami

JEM Residences


The whole context of Miami is encapsulated in JEM. Think of the cosmopolitan nature of the people here. We’re curating this experience for them.

David Rockwell, FAIA

Founder & President | Rockwell Group


Streamlined chef’s kitchens are as functional as they are stylish. They have been appointed with state-of-the-art curated appliance suites and custom kitchen islands featuring beautiful countertops and millwork details. Ideal for nights at home or entertaining friends, kitchens flow into the ample living space and offer direct terrace access.

Your Place in the World

Providing a consistent interplay between indoor and outdoor living, JEM’s private residences are thoughtfully designed for an exceptional way of life. With an understated palette that captures the essence of coastal living, the finely crafted, light-filled interiors are at once livable and luxurious. Lofty ceilings, full-height glass, and expansive terraces boast panoramic views of the city, Biscayne Bay, and the Atlantic.


Designed for privacy and personal renewal, JEM’s spa-like bathrooms are crafted from natural stone and pale wood. Thoughtful details like rain showerheads, floating vanities, and sculptural tubs add an extra element of refined luxury.


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